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We are an Eco Hotel, Vegetarian Restaurant,
Organic farm, Yoga Studio, Spa & So Much More...


The water from your shower and sink becomes fruit.

The energy you consume is produced by the sun.

Your pee & poo transforms into an amazing fertilizer that nourishes our soil.


The food you eat in the kitchen comes from our organic farm & local growers, and the left-overs return to fertilize the gardens.

The recycling material is sold, and the money goes to environmental education & activism.

The surrounding gardens are abundant, luscious and edible.

Yoga is practiced in front of the ocean and to the rhythm of the waves.

The nights are dark, quiet and full of stars.

Space is offered for you to unwind and simply be.


At La Sirena, we invite you into this ecosystem to be part of the simplicity and beauty of nature, while together we take care of it.


We believe conscious tourism can make places better!