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Welcome to La Sirena´s New Eco Cabanas

In our intention to be kind to Mother Earth we have made big efforts to design a beautiful cabana that treats resources efficiently and is caring for the environment.


Our showers, sink, and toilet irrigates and enriches the surrounding gardens.


What is a composting toilet?


Composting dry toilets are toilet systems, which treat human waste by composting to produce a usable end-product that is a valuable soil additive.


It is a toilet that doesn’t require the use of water.


Why composting toilets?


1.  To stop the contamination of underground aquifers.


In rural areas, the traditional toilets use fresh potable water from a well. The poop along with the new dirty water would go into a septic tank located less than a meter underground.

The process that takes place in this tank leads to contamination of the natural underground water system from which we obtain the water from our well.


2.  To reduce the unnecessary waste of clean potable water.


3.  To have the opportunity to transform and use this material (the poop) as a fertilizer for our farm's soil and trees.


This is one of the most amazing aspects of the compost toilet “technology”.



How does this composting toilet work?


The urine is separated by a section connected to a hose that takes it to a separate tank. After it is full, it gets put aside to let it go through a process that will let it raise its levels of nitrogen, so that after a month it can be used as a natural pesticide and fertilizer for plants.


The poop is dropped into a big container that sits underneath your “throne” and with the help of sawdust, ashes and high temperatures it would go through a healthy process of composting and decontamination, resulting a few months later into rich organic material ready to be used as a fertilizer.



Steps to use it:


1.  Pee ONLY at the front section


2.  Poo ONLY at the back section


3.  Add two big spoons of mix (mix of sawdust and ashes located next to the toilet) ONLY into the poop section after you have pooped


4.  Toilet paper ONLY goes into the basket, NEVER into the toilet


5.  Female toiletries go ONLY into the basket


6.  If you notice poop smell at any time, you can add extra mix


7.  ALWAYS ALWAYS keep the seat down when not using it


Since this new system is still at an experimental stage,

we appreciate if you give us a feedback that can help us to improve it.


In regards to Mother Earth,

we thank you for your collaboration and contribution

(including your pee & poop!)