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In our intention to be kind to Mother Earth, we have invested in 22 solar panels and 20 batteries. They provide over 8400 watts of electricity to power the entire hotel, farm, and water system. As a result, the hotel has a cleaner and more reliable energy source. 


Palomino has many problems with its electricity provided by Electric Caribe. The energy fluctuates causing many problems such as spikes which result in damage to electronics (computers and cell phones) and motors (water pumps). Another problem is the many power outs we experience in the town due to storms and unpredictable service, sometimes lasting over a week.  


No energy source is completely void of challenges but since upgrading to solar the advantages and quality of power to the hotel has increased tremendously and we are entirely responsible for our own electricity.


***Occasionally when sun conditions are not ideal to fully charge the batteries in the day, we need to use a backup generator in the day to charge the batteries and the electricity to the hotel must be turned off to ensure the least amount of downtime of electricity as possible.  We fBe assured we are working as fast as possible to restore power to the system, which of course benefits us all. ***