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Scheduled Retreats & Events:

Detox Retreat


December 16 to 19 at La Sirena Nature Retreat

Do you long to get outside, breathe and connect with yourself in nature?

We invite you to work actively and lovingly within yourself, releasing obstacles, healing wounds and awaken to your eternal nature of peace, love, happiness and creativity.

For four days we will be supporting you in your process to achieve the maximum benefit in each of the following areas:


✨Reconnection with your eternal beingness: we will tune into the frequency of light that sustains you and gives you life, reconnecting with your inner voice,  your guides and with divinity.


✨ Self-love: We will heal childhood wounds by reconnecting with our inner child. A process that will allow you to continue activating your love through honouring, respecting and accepting yourself.


✨ Female and male lineage healing: We will clear trans-generational blocks that prevent you from flowing in your present.


✨ Couple relationships: we will assist in cleaning your energy and aura of impressions from relationships, in which you have been involved and we will create new neural pathways.


✨Recognition and activation of your mission.


BONUS: You will also have free access for life to our online program, to further dive deeper into each of the topics covered in the retreat.


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Past Retreats & Events

February 16-24, 2018 

Yoga in the Heart of the World

with Madeleine Kelly & Meghan Dwyer

March 4-10, 2017 

Yoga in the Heart of the World

with Meghan Dwyer & Madeleine Kelly


February 12-18, 2017

Rhythm & Roots Yoga Retreat

with Meghan Dwyer & Candace Stevens

October 2016

Composting Toilet Workshop

Host a Retreat:


If you are a spiritual teacher, Yoga instructor, Healing Arts practitioners, come and host your next retreat/workshop at La Sirena.


We will work with you to coordinate the ideal retreat for you and your students.




* Accommodations & Meals.

* Arrange local ground transportation.

* Wellness options (Depending on the time of the year) including: Therapeutic and Relaxing Massage.

Yoga, Salsa, Drumming lessons and Fitness Classes.

* Jungle Hikes on La Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, visits to Tayrona National Park and River Tubing.

* Campfires with Drumming Circles.


"Retreat from the city to nature's tropical temple. Allow the power of a sacred mountain to access your spiritual essence and open your heart. Breathe into your favorite Yoga Pose to the rhythm of the ocean waves and connect to a quiet inner space".


Contact us if you are interested in hosting a retreat.